2 09 2009

It’s amazing how much outside-classroom situations can have a heavy impact on you, both emotionally and mentally, while you try and adjust/prepare for the upcoming school year. I can only hope my apartment issues are coming to a sudden end.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was all kinds of hell. Let’s just say, electricity issues floating in and out of the day mixed with the super being on vacation mixed with extremely unclear and unresponsive people mixed with 5-day old rotten food in the fridge equals a man with his nerves somewhat shot. I do want to thank my grandfather, my co-teacher, and my roommate for being incredibly understanding and helpful throughout this whole ordeal. I also want to thank my girlfriend Kira for listening…

*WARNING: Shameless blog plug!*

My girlfriend has actually started a blog about her life experiences starting back in an American school after her year in Japan. I can’t write out the title of the blog, since it’s somewhat written in Japanese, but she actually is a good writer (which I haven’t told her before… until now).

Aside from my personal reasons on why I’m pushing the blog, Kira is an extremely interesting and genuine person and, as her blog continues, I believe those two sides of her personality will pour out onto those non-tangible pages we call “posts”. Check it out and let her know you stopped by because of her thoughtful, sweet, awe-inspiring, fantastic, good-looking, sexy and sharp-dressed boyfriend… if you so wish, of course.





3 responses

2 09 2009

You’re too sweet. 😀

And, I can’t believe I forgot to link to yours when I mentioned it. *headdesk* I’ll go edit that entry… Though I’m sure anyone that’s going to read it has already.

2 09 2009

This is incredibly off-topic, but I HAD to point it out: The Socialvibe thing you have on the right says “My Reader’s Have Earned”. 😦 You’d think something supporting teaching would at least know not to put an apostrophe there.


2 09 2009

And “instruction” is spelled wrong.. I e-mailed them about it. ;P

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