My first bulletin board and other random thoughts…

27 09 2009

I’m taking a “vacation” of some sorts to see Kira in Catskill again, but with my time recouping and planning for next week, I want to show my first bulletin board. This was put up outside our classroom before Curriculum Day for the parents last Wednesday.

The Telling Time portfolio piece deals with both ELA and Math Standards.

Telling Time Standards

It was mostly a creative thought-out assessment by myself and my co-teacher. It looks great and some of my students took the time to be more creative in their coloring.

Cloudy clock

Names are blurred out for protection.

The set-up looks great outside the door. I was actually geeking out about making it stand out. Most of the students fully followed my directions and it was one of my few major highlights thus far this year. The glass case makes it hard for people standing straight across it from seeing the first names on the top, but otherwise, it was a good first attempt.

Bulletin Board

Other thoughts:

  • Being able to have this extra day to recoup will prove dividends for the next two weeks. I felt like I collapsed emotionally when I got to see Kira late Friday night. It’s not that my mind is tired… in fact, that’s the problem. My body is definitely feeling the tiredness, but my mind has not been able to turn off. I haven’t had a good night of sleep since last week (until this Friday night). My mind feels sharp, but at the same time, it needs to just relax.
  • Before going over to see Kira, I got to stop by the Peace Games training at my alma mater. As tired as I felt that day, it was just fantastic to see old friends and see new volunteers taking the plunge into the work I did that inspired me to become a teacher. Brielle and Caitlin, if you’re reading this and if you’re interested in taking the teaching plunge, I have full confidence you two will make amazing first-year (and second-year… third-year… etc) teachers once you graduate. About the Fellows in particular? You’ll hear more about that later.
  • I have my first full professional development (PD) day on Tuesday. Surprisingly, my first reaction was “get me out of the PD!” Sure, my students can get on my nerves. Some of them try and push me, especially with immature and ridiculous remarks. However, I am starting to finally get on my two feet and feel more established. I actually like my class.

    I feel more confident with the math curriculum and I feel like I’m starting to get to know my students better. Most importantly though, I feel there is a foundation of trust between me and my co-teacher. However small that foundation can be at the end of September, it is still there. I really enjoy working with her and I feel we’re building a stronger rapport in the classroom. Though I am going to take my co-teacher’s advice and just enjoy “being a professional” for one day at PD, I’ll miss my sweet, immature, sometimes annoying, sometimes bratty, but mostly eager to learn (even though that may not reflect on their test scores at times) students. Wow.

  • I need to stay nervous. The last few lessons I’ve given, I felt ridiculously nervous beforehand, like I was giving a lesson for my first time. However, those nerves force me to be extra careful and alert. I can’t get too comfortable. That doesn’t just go for giving lessons but for the classroom in general.
  • Lastly, I just need to understand how to adjust and move on. I’m not a fan of distractions during the school day, though it seems like every day brings an endless string of them. Sometimes, I can focus on the silly things that I have absolutely no control over. From a haphazardly-planned assembly to cluster teachers not covering their period, I just need to relax, adjust, and move on each day. That, among many other things, is something I’ll keep working on throughout the year.





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