The first day.

9 09 2009

Since I am in the process of “comforting fooding” myself while watching Joba Chamberlain struggle in the first inning, I won’t be too long with my post.

I had probably as good of a day as I could have with the class. I have a great modeling teacher who has one of the strongest work ethics I know. The kids were mostly on the good side with some fidgeting throughout. There’s a mix of kids who need ESL mixed with kids with IEPs. I spent most of my day observing, practicing what my co-teacher was putting into place, and demonstrating some behavior management skills (be it as minimal as they are) throughout the day.

I’m a bit tired so I won’t go into crazy detail. I’ll bullet-point a few things though:

  1. If anyone wants to get me a great birthday gift, I would love the Rosetta Stone Spanish set. More than half the parents who brought their children today only spoke Spanish. My co-teacher can speak a good amount of Spanish, but it’s still frustrating.
  2. McDonalds breakfast = $5 for a sausage egg McMuffin, medium hash brown and medium orange juice. Great to have, but too expensive to do every day. Back to bagels!
  3. Some of my kids have trouble reading, some may not be able to read at all, and one child speaks fluent French, but very little after that. My class mix can become explosive if my co-teacher and I aren’t on top of our behavior management. However, the exact opposite also can occur. We just need to be on top of our game… while I’m learning about the game.Let’s just say I feel like a Dellin Betances or an Andrew Brackman. Basically, they are both what baseball scouts would consider “raw prospects”: a young player who have amazing talent but needs to learn the skills and control in order to harness that talent and become great. I know I have the capabilities to become a great teacher. I’m just nowhere near there yet, but I will be eventually.
  4. My former Peace Games experience can serve me well. Period.
  5. My exhaustion comes from our time after school. We prepped for the next two days, worked on the class website, and organized what we wanted to get done for the class. It just took us until almost 6 pm to get the class set-up almost all figured out.
  6. Man, my feet hurt. Does do projects for comfortable teacher’s shoes?
  7. I felt giddy by lunchtime. My co-teacher felt really excited for the first day since the kids were finally coming. Now, I understand that feeling, though it will probably come and go due to my class’s behavior.
  8. I felt more comfortable than I’ve felt at all today. Not just with the kids, but with the staff, I felt more adapt to opening up and just shooting from the hip. I only hope this stays natural, but I also hope I know when to talk and when not to talk.
  9. Lastly, sleep is precious. I feel that as I’m typing this.

To end this post, as a small treat, I will post the (almost) final pictures of our classroom by the end of last Friday. We ended up making up a job chart, a rules chart, and an assortment of other charts for the kids to see. I won’t take pictures of most of that due to those charts having many of the kids’ names on them.

We shall see how Thursday/Friday will work out and then… the weekend and the second week.




2 09 2009

It’s amazing how much outside-classroom situations can have a heavy impact on you, both emotionally and mentally, while you try and adjust/prepare for the upcoming school year. I can only hope my apartment issues are coming to a sudden end.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was all kinds of hell. Let’s just say, electricity issues floating in and out of the day mixed with the super being on vacation mixed with extremely unclear and unresponsive people mixed with 5-day old rotten food in the fridge equals a man with his nerves somewhat shot. I do want to thank my grandfather, my co-teacher, and my roommate for being incredibly understanding and helpful throughout this whole ordeal. I also want to thank my girlfriend Kira for listening…

*WARNING: Shameless blog plug!*

My girlfriend has actually started a blog about her life experiences starting back in an American school after her year in Japan. I can’t write out the title of the blog, since it’s somewhat written in Japanese, but she actually is a good writer (which I haven’t told her before… until now).

Aside from my personal reasons on why I’m pushing the blog, Kira is an extremely interesting and genuine person and, as her blog continues, I believe those two sides of her personality will pour out onto those non-tangible pages we call “posts”. Check it out and let her know you stopped by because of her thoughtful, sweet, awe-inspiring, fantastic, good-looking, sexy and sharp-dressed boyfriend… if you so wish, of course.